Whitney Pockets 2 & 3 Public Rock Art

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Whitney Pockets 2 and 3 Public Rock Art
Whitney Pockets 2

I would strongly recommend contacting the Las Vegas BLM for driving directions, road conditions, and any GPS information that may be needed. Using Google Earth is also highly recommended because it will give you a visual on the roads in the area and that can save you a lot of wasted time on the wrong roads.


For additional information try a Google search using either Falling Man (most common name), Whitney Hartman, or Whitney Pockets and you should come up with supplemental drivng information.

You will see the big red rock on your right as you near the end of the pavement. This is Whitney Pockets 2 which consists of two roasting pits and a shelter. The left arrow in the photo below is the site and the right arrow is New Gold Butte Rd. Extra note: The road to Whitney-Hartman is directly behind the big rock in the photo.





Whitney Pockets 2 ( 36° 31.665' 114° 09.590' ). The upper arrow is the large roasting pit and the associated shelter. The lower arrow points to the smaller lower pit which will be on your left.


Whitney Pockets 3


Whitney Pockets 3 is about a 1/2 mile beyond Whitney Pockets 2. Many of the roads have been closed since my last trip out there so you will have to find your own way to the site. Note: On my last trip to this site you needed a high-clearance vehicle.

The arrow points to the parking area for Whitney Pockets 3 ( 36° 31.327' 114° 09.804' ).


The arrow points to the petroglyphs with the parking area at the sign in the foreground.


The petroglyphs from this site can be viewed on the "Nevada Rock Art Sites" page of this website.


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